Packing for the Rushen Retreat

To make it easier for you to come and get everything ready in your camping area, we are forwarding below:

- Complete list of what will be available in the camping areas;
- Extra requests for rent;
- List of what to bring in your suitcase;
- Extra requests for purchase, aiming to make your arrival easier;
- Extra Lodging requests.

Please fill out the form by 03/10/2024 so that we have time to make all the necessary purchases!

Packing for the Rushen Retreat

What you will have in your camping area

Camping Tent (various sizes)



Single Mattress - D33 88x188x14cm


Simple Pillow - 45x65cm


Meditation Chair

Straw Matting

Yoga Mat or Exercise Mat

Bucket with water

Toilet Paper

Sawdust (for use in dry toilets)

5-liter water gallon

Floor Cloth (for cleaning feet before entering the tent)





Personal Hygiene Kit (Shampoo, Soap, Toothpaste...);


A Few Light and Comfortable Clothes;

Warm Clothes (we will be in summer but at night the temperature can drop significantly);

Sarongs or Cloths to cover mats and for use on grass;

Bed Clothes (there is the option to rent from the venue);

Blanket (there is the option to rent from the venue);

Pillow (there is the option to rent from the venue);

Bath Towel (there is the option to rent from the venue);

Swimwear (there are natural pools and a river at the location);

Sneakers or Comfortable Shoes (for hiking on trails);

Umbrella or raincoat;

Insect Repellent;


Incense for daily offerings;


Meditation Cushion or Zafu;

Thermos for hot water;

Food Container (e.g., Tupperware);

Wet Wipes;

Earplugs for sleeping (optional for those who do not want to hear shouts or similar);

A pocketknife;

Sleep mask (eye shade);


Your identification document.

Retreat Site Accommodation

If you arrive a few days before the retreat or wish to stay a few days after it ends, we are offering lodging directly at the retreat location.

Please note that this place is not a guesthouse or hotel. Lodging is only offered during the retreats that are held. Think of it as staying at a friend's house.

We have available dormitory accommodation or shared rooms in simple country houses.

During these days before the start of the retreat, we will be preparing, arranging the spaces, and finalizing the last demands for the arrival of the Rushen group. So you can choose to help or simply enjoy the free time walking our trails, reading a good book in the hammock, or swimming in the natural pools.

We are 1h30 from the capital, Vitória, where you will arrive by plane. You can take an Uber that drops you off right at our door, with an average cost of $ 30. Or take an Uber from the airport to the bus station ($ 5) and from there take a bus ($ 4) here, after which we will pick you up from the bus station in Marechal Floriano, which is the city where we are located.

We do not have a lodging fee, so the charge will mostly help with the maintenance of the space and meals during your days here. As we are about 15 minutes by car from the city, it is easier for you to eat with us. Taking a taxi to the city of Marechal Floriano costs $ 8 for a one-way trip and $ 8 for the return.

The daily rate here is $ 25.00, including lodging and full board.




After receiving your completed form, we will calculate the total cost of the purchase and send you a payment link. Only accept links sent by Shawã, as he is in charge of acquiring the purchased and rented items. Payment can be made via Credit Card.

Emergency Contact

As announced, all participants will be completely out of communication with the outside world. Below are the emergency contacts to leave with your family or in cases of extreme work-related necessity.

Please ask these people to contact only in real need.




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